Our Services

Virus Removal

We can remove any type of Virus from your computer, in extreme circumstances we will back up your data and completely reinstall the operating system.

PC Setup Service

Have you just purchased a new computer? We have many customers ask if we perform this service. We come to your home or business.

Slow Computer?

We can speed up your computer and bring it back to life, removing all of the junk and making your computer feel as fast as the day you purchased it!

On Site IT Support

At your business or at home, sometimes you just need someone to come and have a look.

SSD Upgrade

Upgrade your old PC with a brand new SSD, improving speed by up to 10x. We only sell PCs with SSDs.

Network Maintenance

We can create or support your existing network, from access points to data storage.

Secure Repair Centre

We have a large computer repair bench and a full air conditioned room dedicated for repairing and working on PCs. This is where we carry out all of our PC and laptop repair. The room is secure and has all the tools and equipment we need to do the best job. Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.

We are experts in all operating systems.

5 Star IT Support and Computer Repair

Having issues with this PC? Here are just some of the issues we can help with:

  • Computer Speed Up
  • Software Issues
  • Hardware Issues
  • Network Issues


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